Name That Tune

Like Shazam for Your PC

UD - Audiggle Your ability to identify songs is legendary. You're like Casey Kasem meets Dick Clark meets Rick Dees.

But sometimes even you hear a ditty that you can't quite place.

For those times, there's Shazam. But there's also Audiggle, free for your PC, now in beta and available for download.

So let's say you're sitting in your corner office, dreaming about your weekend, when you hear the faint sounds of an uplifting R&B track coming from a nearby desk, and you think to yourself, "I could use that song while I blast my pecs on Sunday."

If you've got Audiggle, it'll record a short clip of the song and then identify its artist and album for you (turns out it was "The Glow" from the 1985 martial-arts masterpiece The Last Dragon).

From there it lets you check out the lyrics and album info, links to Amazon or iTunes in case you want to buy it (you've been deprived of DeBarge for far too long) and even displays a list of upcoming concerts and ticket info, in the event that the band is still together.

FYI, Bananarama: still together.

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