Message Discipline

Your Texts and Tweets, Now Classified

UD - Hide My Message You've got weighty business to discuss. Critical information that will shake up the establishment.

But let's face it. There are a lot of prying eyes out there. And if some of those messages fall into the wrong hands... well, let's just say you'd rather not take calls from the Washington Post at this time.

Which brings us to Hide My Message, a new app that wraps your top-secret texts and emails in a cloak worthy of Jason Bourne, available now.

It's an easy tool for rendering your most sensitive messages unreadable to all enemies, foreign or domestic. But your intended recipients—Medvedev's emissary at the nuclear summit, that good-time guy who handles RNC fund-raising—will have no problem accessing your info, so long as you provide them with a password ahead of time. ("Fidelio" has a nice ring to it.)

You'll send your carefully crafted missive via email, text, Facebook or Twitter. Your intended target will get a message inviting them to click on the link within, which will redirect them to the Hide My Message home page. A password later, they'll discover your game-changing words (though they'll want to check over their shoulder first).

Of course, this elegantly simple piece of code could also be used for more personal communications as well. If, for example, you were a global icon looking for a little companionship on the QT in northern Georgia tonight.

Amen Corner has its charms at 2am.

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