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Your New Power Lunch Spot in the DD

You live by one mantra: the more the merrier.

You'll always take one more Miami Heat dancer in the hot tub, one more short rib at the barbecue joint... and you'll certainly accept one more lunch spot in the Design District.

So say hello to Prosecco Ristorante, debuting today for lunch.

It's a classy spot inside the design-showroom mecca that is the 3930 Building. Stepping into the dining room (situated in an atrium, naturally), don't be surprised if you see a few gallery reps pounding through burrata salads in between art appointments (the place is surrounded by pricey furniture stores and swanky boutiques).

The owner is a seasoned Italian restaurateur, having worked at local hits Carpaccio and Bella Luna, so expect that same mix of Italian pastas (spaghetti with clams and pinot grigio sauce), cheese plates (gorgonzola, taleggio) and cured meats (mortadella, coppa, Genoa salami).

And to cap it all off: thimbles of jet-fuel-strength espresso.

Anything larger would be excessive...

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