Dual Action

The Wingman of Umbrellas

UD - Dualbrella It's pouring. And while you'd never be caught defenseless, some out there might. And it's your duty to help them.

Which is why we were overcome with a mixture of relief and rain-related euphoria to recently discover the Dualbrella, what we're calling the world's first two-person umbrella, available next month.

In a nutshell, it's a new weapon in your arsenal of chivalry. Henceforth, on wet days like today, instead of tossing your coat down over a small puddle when you encounter a modern-day damsel in distress (or at least distressed jeans...), you can simply pull out this double-barreled canopy—it's the Siamese twins of umbrellas—to keep you and your new friend warm, dry and sufficiently ice-broken.

And because it's essentially two umbrellas with one handle (okay, that's exactly what it is), you'll also find it useful on days when you're hoofing it to work by yourself in the rain (hey, sometimes your backup limo gets a flat tire at the worst possible moment), guarding you against puddle-splashings from reckless cabs, SUVs and Smart cars.

Smart cars can be surprisingly cruel.

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