Triple Threat

Introducing the MacGyver of Jackets

UD - JakPak It's a tad wet out there today.

Okay, it's more like a ferocious dumping of cold, rotten dreariness, which means you're probably thinking about new rain gear. And after that last "mistake" hike you took after a big Friday out, if it could come with some kind of sleeping bag for power naps, that'd be a nice bonus.

Presenting the Jak Pak, a MacGyver-ish piece of outerwear that takes a jacket, a sleeping bag and a tent and rolls them literally into one lightweight piece of nature-armor, now available for preorder.

Hailing from the rain-soaked land of Seattle (from a people who know how to fight their climate), think of the Jak Pak as having a portion of the camping section at EMS conveniently wrapped around your body.

Which means the next time you're stomping around the wildernesses of Massachusetts (or just Kenmore Square), you'll be covered on several elemental fronts, from the sudden downpour (it's waterproof) to a swarm of bloodsucking insects (it has mosquito netting sewn into the head and neck portions... also good for fighting off vampires).

And should the time come for a rejuvenating nap while you're out bonding with nature, its detachable sleeping bag can be easily employed for a little warmth, since you can't really wrap up in a flask.


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