The Cereal Bowl

Cereal Killer

All-Day Cereal in Cleveland Park

Adulthood's got its perks, sure—you can drink when you want, sleep where you want, and you can't even remember the last time you were grounded.

But sometimes what you need is a little good old-fashioned regression.

Which brings us to The Cereal Bowl, where it's always Saturday morning, you're always 11, and your mom isn't yelling at you to turn off the TV, soft-opening in Cleveland Park next week.

Imagine a bright, cheery ice cream shop where Cap'n Crunch and Golden Grahams stand in for rocky road and sugar cones—that's this place. As you stroll in, your gaze will be drawn to the flat-screens displaying ESPN and the Cartoon Network side by side. (As if Dick Vitale isn't animated enough.)

But you're here for breakfast (no matter the hour), so sidle up to the counter and ask one of the servers—they're the ones in PJs—to walk you through the bewildering options that 30 cereals and another 30 toppings afford you.

Witness concoctions like The Dirt Bowl, an inspired mash-up of Cookie Crisp, Oreos, chocolate syrup and gummy worms (oh, and the milk of your choice). Or go freestyle: pair your Fruity Pebbles with cheesecake bites or your Trix with marshmallow fluff. And like any good breakfast spot, they'll stay open until 11pm on weekends.

Which is when your day begins anyway.


The Cereal Bowl
3420 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20008

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