Things to do for March 04, 2010

The Weekender

Floating Couches, Elevator Speeches and Swedish Fire

The weekend is already walking the red carpet.

Just as Michelangelo didn't sculpt the David without making a few sketches first, his modern-day equivalent, Lady Gaga, didn't record "Bad Romance" without trying out a couple different renditions. Hear those early demos—as well as similar tunes from the likes of U2, Bowie and, naturally, Miley Cyrus—here. Surprise: Miley's songs require a lot of production.

The Swedish Army's Secret Weapon

The Swedish Army's Secret Weapon

Whether it's a reckless night of mischief in the snowy woods, or a shenanigan-rich night at the nearest hotel rooftop bar, it won't be complete without a simple key ingredient: fire. Especially when it comes in the discreet form of an innocent-looking key chain that was actually developed for the Swedish Army, and can generate an approximately 5,000-degree spark. The Swedes: total pyros.

The heat is on here

YouTube for Elevator Pitches

YouTube for Elevator Pitches

Over the years, you've finally crafted the perfect two-minute pitch for your cereal-only restaurant. And now, it's ready for the big time—at this site, you can post a video of your pitch in the hopes of catching a venture capitalist's eye. Filming in an actual elevator couldn't hurt.

Your New Floating Couch

Your New Floating Couch

It's one of life's toughest decisions—whether to invest in fine home design or an extremely comfortable water vessel. Now, you no longer have to choose, thanks to this game-changing combination of couch and electric-powered boat, which adds a bit of stylish élan to a typical day of lazing on the water. No word on if the cushions can be used as flotation devices.

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Outsourcing Your Personal Decisions

Outsourcing Your Personal Decisions

On the one hand, you have an attractive, smart brunette who shares your love of late-night ice luge. On the other, you have an attractive, smart blonde who understands your fondness for early-morning karaoke. Deciding will be difficult, but this site—which lets readers vote on your list of pros and cons before you make a decision—can help. Oh, and we say pick both.

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