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Models and Bottles in Aventura (Yes, Aventura)

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Things are a little crazy around here.

Pro Bowl last night. Super Bowl Sunday. Groundhog Day tomorrow.

So it's fitting that on this whirlwind week, we begin with a new Russian/Israeli/Latin/Italian restaurant in, of all places, Aventura.

Say hello to Cavalli Supper Club, opening its multinational doors in Aventura tomorrow night.

To get an idea of what you're stepping into with Cavalli, imagine a Russian dinner club filtered through an Israeli cocktail lounge. Meaning, plenty of leggy Eastern Bloc women greeting you as you enter the cavernous dining room and a smattering of Bar Refaeli's distant cousins sipping cocktails at the bar (the owner has many beautiful Israeli friends).

You may remember the space as its former incarnation, Bar Rosso. The private wine room is still intact, as are the copious bottles stacked throughout (they have 200 varieties on hand). But now the glass-enclosed kitchen has been tricked out with a glistening raw bar, allowing you to choose from mounds of shrimp, oysters, stone crab claws and lobster. (When or if you decide to veer away from the rawness, you'll find Sicilian dishes like Tuscan Crispetta prepared by a chef with St. Regis experience.)

And because there are times when you just want to stay put after dinner and segue to a music club, there'll be live flamenco bands and Latin pop four nights a week in the red-leather-couched back lounge.

Perfect for practicing your Russian/Hebrew/Spanish.


Cavalli Supper Club
19004 NE 29th Ave
Aventura, FL, 33180


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