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Your Jpegs, on Canvas

UD - CanvasPop You don't like to brag, but you've taken some breathtakingly beautiful photos in your time. Some of them even feature people other than you.

But you've struggled to find the appropriate forum for showcasing your talent. So allow us to make a suggestion: a 2-by-6-foot canvas stretched over your bed.

Welcome to CanvasPop, a new site devoted to turning your humble jpegs into gallery-worthy art, online now.

From this moment on, think of those tiny pixels on your camera, phone or computer the same way Michelangelo thought of clay or the Dogs Playing Poker guy thought of paint: as raw fuel for art.

Now, we know that you have options in the field, but here's where CanvasPop stands out—it's so easy your grandmother could do it. Go to the site. Upload your picture. Pick out a frame. And two days later, they'll send you your masterpiece. (It's a bit like ordering the Mona Lisa from the Louvre, if the Louvre ever wised up and let you do that.)

Better yet, you can pick from 10 effects—so if the landscapes you took last month in Buenos Aires practically look like oil paintings, you can make them so. Or if Warhol never took your portrait, you can turn your Facebook profile pic into a screen print worthy of the pop art master.

Sadly, "the Avatar effect" is still in development.

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