Things to do for December 03, 2009

The Weekender

Booze Locks, Book Tweets and Xmas Bombs

The weekend doesn't feel like December.

UD - The Bottle Lock

The Bottle Lock

The season of giving is officially upon us, but some important things—like that magnum of wine you're nursing at your holiday party—should really be kept under lock and key. This combo-based lock should keep any would-be booze burglars at bay.

UD - Grenade Christmas Ornaments

Grenade Christmas Ornaments

Ah, the Christmas tree ornament—typically home to reindeers, snowmen and the occasional tasteful pinup of Mrs. Claus. And now the list has grown to include light weaponry. And should the idea of celebrating the holidays with explosives offend your more sensitive friends, tell them that proceeds go to charity. (Which, by the way, is actually true.)

UD - Cheap Spots, Online

Cheap Spots, Online

Parking. It's not fun. It's not cheap. But…well, we wish we had better news on those fronts. We can, however, introduce you to this coping mechanism—you type in your destination (LaGuardia, say, or Fenway), and it maps out the cheapest, closest places to put your car, and lets you reserve your spot through the site. You'll never creepily hover behind a pedestrian again.

UD - Twitter in Book Form

Twitter in Book Form

You've long felt that your deepest, most personal musings—you know, the ones you can express in 140 characters or less—are deserving of their own tome. This site makes it a reality—sign in, pick a cover and they'll send you an actual book of your own tweets. And they say literature is dead.

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UD -

Before we introduce you to this marvel of modern science, a quick biology flashback: the gene for red hair is recessive, so not everyone who has it is a redhead. Enter this site, which tests to see if you have the elusive gene—basically, you send in some saliva, they analyze it and send you the results. And thus, the road to breeding a super-race of redheads begins…

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