Kababji Grill

Char Wars

A Middle Eastern Oasis Downtown

Your grill—scene to many victorious T-bone charrings this past summer—is now lying dormant, quietly biding its time until next summer.

To survive, you're going to need meat, indoors, preferably cooked by seasoned professionals. And if they've trained under fire in Beirut, so be it…

Presenting Kababji Grill, the first U.S. outpost of a thriving Middle Eastern–North African restaurant group, arriving Monday in Dupont Circle.

You won't get more than a step inside before you notice the focal point of the restaurant: a massive cone-shaped charcoal grill area, constructed from brick flown in from Lebanon. Farther back, you'll find a granite bar, Jerusalem stone walls and some ancient Lebanese art (Middle East peace through interior design).

And since you require your meat grilled by expertly trained professionals, rest assured that the guys manning the hot coals spent seven weeks in Beirut learning the ways of the Kabab. Which should leave you feeling confident about your meat on a stick, from Lamb to Ground Beef With Pistachios to Tenderloin Filet.

The owners encourage sharing, so much so that they specified that the custom hardwood tables should be at least 34 inches wide—the minimum area that would accommodate all the plates that diners could comfortably share at once.

Somewhere, your grill is jealous.


Kababji Grill
1351 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington, DC, 20036

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