Things to do for November 19, 2009

The Weekender

Adult Coffee, Facebook Cuff Links and Keanu

The weekend is carving its turkey early.

Coffee, Delivered

Coffee, Delivered

It might be the second-most important drink of your day, but you should still be choosy about it. If your local stuff isn't up to snuff—or when you need a break from your daily brew—this site will send you coffee from some of the country's finest roasters by the next business day. Which may just be too late…

Get your morning perk here

Facebook Cuff Links

Facebook Cuff Links

Good cuff links should either be flammable or good conversation starters. As for these, well, think of them as the beginning of a beautiful social networking relationship. Pokes not included.

IMDb for Chefs

IMDb for Chefs

In an era where chefs are TV stars, it was only a matter of time before they got their answer to IMDb. Here, you'll see when and where Gordon Ramsay screamed at his first underling—and find out which sous-chef ruined your cucumber sorbet last night at Per Se.

Mine the data here

The next time you're looking for the perfect cinematic hotspot to take a date—you know, like the exact location of the bus jump in Speed—head over to this site first. It lists the real-life filming locations for everything from Superbad to Mulholland Dr. (which, really, you should've been able to guess).

Map things out here

Topless Café in Maine

Topless Café in Maine

This isn't a cool website, or a thing you can buy, or anything like that. And yet, we felt like you should know: a topless coffee joint in Maine has reopened, just five months after being burned down by an arsonist. Once again, freedom wins.

Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, now open, 1494 Belfast Ave, Vassalboro, ME

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