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In a dark Hollywood hideaway, something has been brewing.

Towering models in sleeveless furs. Men in slim suits, straight from the premiere. Maybe Adam Lambert plunking around on the glitter-covered piano.

Oh, and teapots. Lots of teapots. Only in this town could you find something like The Tea Room at h.wood, now reaching a boil Wednesday nights.

To get steeping, show up just before midnight and ascend the stairs toward h.wood—it's hidden behind a tour-bus turnaround, near mobs of unsuspecting Chinese Theatre tourists. But instead of veering left and through the entrance gates, you'll want to see the man at the unlabeled door to your right.

After talking your way in—it'll help if owners Loyal Pennings, John Terzian and Brian Toll actually invited you—you'll find an intimate but raucous space filled with velvet couches, leather booths and modern art barely illuminated by dim chandeliers. It's something like a bash at your wild producer friend's place…where you get the feeling at any moment all that industry talk could make way for a big pansexual orgy.

That probably won't happen, but the Prohibition Bourbons (bourbon, cassis and soda made complete with a Chinese vanilla tea) and Prohibition Tequilas (sugar, lemon and tequila livened up with Indian golden-tipped black Assam tea) go down easy. Too easy.

Which keeps the dream alive.
Note: The Tea Room at <a target="_blank" href="">h.wood</a>, now open Wednesday nights, view the slideshow <a target="_blank" href= "">here</a>


The Tea Room at h.wood
1738 N. Orange Dr
(N. of Hollywood Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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