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UD - And now, for a special UD public service announcement…

It's late at night. You're driving along a curvy, cliffside road with the top down (because that's just how you roll). And you hear a beep from your phone. Intrigue. A text message. But from who…

Is it that leggy minx you met last week, asking for a quick meet up? Or your boss, looking to recap your position paper on Siberian sub-economies?

The odds that you risk a fiery cliffside explosion to find out are large to very large…

So instead, try, a first-of-its-kind app that reads your texts out loud, available now.

After downloading this BlackBerry app to your phone, you'll have your own virtual assistant at your disposal, ready to read your text messages out loud to you when you're driving, roaming around your office, or just feel like listening to the velvety voice of the app's female narrator. As for the real danger of driving and texting—the responding—you can set up a handful of auto replies for any situation. We recommend two—one for the boss, your parents and the ex ("I'm busy"), and one for pretty much everyone else ("You read my mind—see you soon").

And because it also reads emails, you can take your office work on the road.

Don't forward this to your boss.

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