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Your New Neighborhood Japanese-Beer Bar

UD - Salaryman Five hours and counting—been a long week.

Times like these, you crave an intimate den where you can slink in, sit down and drown yourself in Japanese beer. Welcome to Salaryman, now open on Hollywood Boulevard.

It's a sliver of a spot, fits maybe 20 people total—so this isn't the place for raging bouts of table-dancing debauchery. The name is Eastern slang for a working stiff, so think of it more like an illicit drown-your-sorrows watering hole, where you can pull up a stool starting at 11am for an oversized bottle of Echigo Rice Lager, a Coedo Sweet Potato Beer or a Hitachino.

If you prefer your Japanese-beer bars to be well-versed in what's coming out of Maine these days, they've also got Allagash White on tap. And if you're hungry, this bar's a sidecar to the newest Umami Burger restaurant—before you blinked, you knew this bigger and better-looking sequel to the La Brea sensation as Cobras & Matadors, and the bar was Sgt. Recruiter.

You've always thought sequels got a bad rap.


at Umami Burger
4655 Hollywood Blvd
(E. of Vermont)
Los Feliz
Los Angeles, CA, 90027

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