A Change of Clothes

The Rebirth of Cool on Wells Street

UD - Haberdash You've got a friend—we all do—content to coast through life in nothing but graphic tees and that perfectly well-worn pair of jeans.

But now that it's fall, it's time for you to put that big brotherly, well-dressed arm around his shoulder and gently reintroduce him to some friends he knows and trusts: welcome to the newly reinvented Haberdash.

These are guys who understand him. Until very recently, they were him. But they spent a very introspective summer looking in their full-length mirrors, and figuring out how to become better men—or at least a better store, one worthy of the name Haberdash. (Better late…)

Now there's a welcome feeling of grown-up-ness. (If we may use that invented word.) Maybe it's the newly installed mahogany paneling, which makes the place look like something of a modern men's club. But it's probably the fact that the shop now carries everything from dress socks to office-ready Hugo Boss suits and even its own exclusive line of vintage-inspired button-downs.

Of course, you can still pick up some Japanese denim or a cool T-shirt for your Sunday afternoon patio crawls. But they'll also hook you up with some sharp British brogues from Grenson to help you look your Clooney-est when Monday morning rolls around.

Because George was that guy once, too.


1350 N. Wells St
(btwn Schiller and Evergreen)
Chicago, IL, 60610

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