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A Beachside Roof Bar With Group Shower

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Every once in a while, you step into a place and think…yes. Yes. This place was made just for me.

Like when you sneak from a discreet elevator to a private roof bar by the beach, where the drinks are strong, the seats are covered in suit fabric and the ocean views are unparalleled.

Also: group shower.

Welcome to Suite 700, the new crown jewel of the recently renovated Hotel Shangri-La on the Santa Monica shore.

Technically, the art deco stowaway designed by Marc Smith (Golden Gopher, Edison) is sort of a private space…but we're here to help you with a few ideas for getting around such technicalities. 1) Watch out for open-to-the-public events like this one tomorrow, a champagne-soaked clambake that doubles as the bar's official launch party. 2) Call them up and arrange a private blowout for your 75 closest friends. 3) Get yourself a VIP access card, which they'll soon be handing out to friends of the Shangri-La. (And yes, we can probably help you out with that. Stay tuned.)

Of course, the adjacent crash pad called the Rock 'N Roll Suite—just steps from the bar, complete with a sunlit shower big enough for six—offers another enticing path to guaranteed access.

4) Get a room.


Suite 700
at the Hotel Shangri-La
1301 Ocean Ave
(at Arizona)
Santa Monica, CA, 90401


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