Things to do for August 20, 2009

The Weekender

iPhone Undies, Yesteryear's Keggers and Recession Denial

The weekend is air-conditioned.

Even though our UD Labs™ team is hard at work putting an end to the recession, our economic counsel informs us that this whole recession thing is still going on. Until it's over, go to this stress-fighting website, which takes popular news sources and redacts all mention of total economic collapse. Because the first step is denial.

Live in denial here

Your Hard Drive, Everywhere

Your Hard Drive, Everywhere

It's a classic conundrum—all your fun stuff (MP3s, Minesweeper, your award-winning collection of Jessica Alba photos) is at home, and you rarely are. But plug this into your WiFi connection, and you can get your files anywhere, anytime—whether you're at work or crashing at Alba's place. (She's a total Minesweeper addict.)

Get plugged in here

Multitask: The Game

Multitask: The Game

Your ability to simultaneously email, IM, talk on the phone and craft perfectly believable expense reports—all while negotiating Middle East peace—are legend. Your secret: regular stretching and this strangely addictive site, which presents a series of ever-harder multitasking challenges. Bonus: involves no actual work. Downside: techno music.

Flex your multitasking muscle here

Keggers of Yore

Keggers of Yore

A long time ago at a kegger far, far away…your dad met your mom. Or maybe not—maybe some blonde who could've been your mom if things hadn't gotten complicated, if he didn't relocate across the country and if she didn't hook up with his best friend. Anyway, the photographic proof is probably on this site, devoted to a now-mythical time before digital cameras and Flickr.

Behold the old-style here

Slide to Unlock Panties

Slide to Unlock Panties

When you say the iPhone is sexy, you usually mean it metaphorically. But this new line of ladies' underthings decidedly does not. We'll let you figure out to use them, but we will say this much: it's a lot more fun than answering your phone.

Unlock the magic here

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