Things to do for July 23, 2009

The Weekender

$2 Drinks, a Massage and the Mexican Emeril

The weekend is happy to assist with sunblock applications.

The Emeril of Mexico Comes to Azul

The Emeril of Mexico Comes to Azul

It's not every day that the great Ignacio Granda Del Gallego (sort of the Emeril of Mexico) graces our city with his presence. Until tomorrow, you can savor his chipotle-inflected talent with six rounds of belt-loosening platters like Pork Dumplings With Habanero Chutney and Grilled Lobster With Poblano Puree. No word yet on a sitcom.

$2-$8 Cocktails at the Tides

$2-$8 Cocktails at the Tides

The alfresco patio at the Tides is your new go-to spot for kicking off the weekend, now that they've introduced drink specials that correspond to the hours from 2-8pm. So drinks at 2pm are $2, $3pm, $3 and so on. Meaning you'll be there until the clock strikes adequately buzzed.

Nature Brings Free Booze

Nature Brings Free Booze

Miami's tree canopy is sorely in need of some arboreal reinforcement, which means now is your chance to exercise that little-used green thumb of yours. Flash proof of Miami residence, and you'll get two saplings of the mango, tamarind or lychee variety—at no charge. Incidentally, all of those taste great in a martini.

No cost, 8am-12pm, July 25, King High Park, 7025 W. Flagler St, 305-416-1601

Last Chance for $99 Rubdowns

Last Chance for $99 Rubdowns

If you haven't yet taken advantage of Miami Spa Month, you're missing out on trying some of the city's priciest spas (Canyon Ranch, the Viceory, the Setai) for a cool Benjamin. Most of those places also grant you pool access, which means you can follow up that hot stone massage with a little eye candy. And maybe some swim candy.

Now until July 30, see participants here

$20 Off of Taste of the Nation

$20 Off of Taste of the Nation

The 40-restaurant, open-barred, crazy smorgasbord that is Taste of the Nation isn't until next Thursday, but we wanted to pass along a discount code to save you $20. We'd say use it to buy drinks, but since they're on the house anyway…maybe put it toward some really nice toothpicks.

7-10pm, July 30, Ritz-Carlton KB, use code VIP20MIA for $20 off, tickets here

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