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Inside Culver City's New Bigfoot West

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Be quiet. Very, very quiet.

You're in the dark wilderness of LA nightlife, on the hunt for a legend. Some even say it's a myth.

But we can confirm it's absolutely real—a new bar called Bigfoot West soft-opens in Culver City on Monday.

You can practically hear the chirping crickets in here. The pine bar's cut from naturally fallen trees in Big Bear, and ominous birds guard the entrance—one false move and they might go all Tippi Hedren on your date.

Survive that, though (hint—they're stuffed), and you've got some serious drinking to do. Find a red leather booth by the totem pole and start researching your whiskeys, bourbons and ryes—they've got some impressively oddball rarities like the Willet 17-Year Single Barrel—it's spicy, it's from the wilds of Kentucky and there are only 24 bottles of it in the world.

They've also got some recognizable specialties—the Toasted Marshmallow, the Sasquatch—you've drained at the original Bigfoot Lodge all the way over in Atwater Village. You won't find any misting skunks here, but if you're feeling brave, you'll be interested in the unlabeled, innocuous-looking jug behind the bar—inside is a potent brew, dispensed in shot form, with exotic herbs claiming to cure everything from weak bones to infertility to…sobriety.

Very quickly, in fact.


Bigfoot West
10939 Venice Blvd
(at Prospect)
Culver City
Los Angeles, CA 90034


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