Henry's Hat

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The Anti-Sports Bar Sports Bar

You're direct. Upfront. Not into games.

Except football, basketball, hockey…and maybe the occasional boozy round of Connect Four. Welcome to Henry's Hat, the new hub for all kinds of scoring.

A neighborhood-y haunt from the owners of Luna Park, this is a flea market-furnished sports bar for people who don't really like sports bars. (Translation: she'll like it too.) Drop in, grab a board game and order the off-the-menu secret special—it's called the Darjeeling Tea, and it's spiked with rye whiskey, dark rum, brandy and red wine. It also comes in a giant bowl, so maybe soak it up with a mammoth Clam Bake plate or a North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich so you don't wake up in Vegas with a tiger, a baby and a pantsless Zach Galifianakis.

If you are there for the big game, there are 16 screens throughout—number 16 is back in the hallway by the bathroom line, so you won't miss a thing after draining the bowl. And if there's one showdown coming up you absolutely can't miss, you'll soon be able to vote online for which game you want to see that weekend on the big (5'x5') screen.

World Parcheesi Championships, here you come.


Henry's Hat
3413 Cahuenga Blvd West
(at Universal Studios Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA 90068

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