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Your New Bartender: a Trapeze Artist

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When a Hollywood club is about to debut, you need to know.

And when the bartenders will also be taking to the trapeze, well, you need to know now.

Introducing a wild new Hollywood Boulevard spectacle—it's called Playhouse, and we've got a few tickets for Thursday's VIP blowout.

Located in the historic Fox Theatre, Playhouse is sort of a 13,000-square-foot circus tent, if circus tents had Brent Bolthouse spinning on Saturday nights. (He'll be up in the balcony.) A dark corridor spills right into the central bar, where your limber barman will whip you up a couple Pulp Fictions—whiskey, dry vermouth, grapefruit juice and a lemon twist—just before he leaps up onto the trapeze for a circus stunt or two. (Hope he got your drink right.)

If you're going the bottle-service route in one of the booths, your cocktail waitress will start you off with free shots—then, later, she and the other girls might start feeling burlesque-y. And down at the end is a giant performance stage that'll host rock shows on venue nights—or a DJ and another bar on club nights.

This three-ring mayhem comes to you from Muse Lifestyle Group, whose founders Rob Vinokur and Elie Samaha brought in A-list promoter Allison Melnick (of Apple Lounge A-list promotion fame). But they also flew over famed NYC gatekeeper Gilbert Stafford to keep the scene eclectic, as opposed to, you know…



<strong>Playhouse<br /></strong>6506 Hollywood Blvd<br />(W. of Wilcox)<br />Los Angeles, CA 90028<br />323-656-4600<br /><a target="_blank" href="">website</a>


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