Sugar, Daddy

Hollywood's Latest Den of Excess

Lately, you've been living a pretty sweet life.

But there's always room for a bit more indulgence—especially when the glucose in question is Sugar, the new nightspot from Steve Marlton (Pearl) opening tomorrow.

Located in the center of Hollywood in the old XES spot, the wide open, warehouse-style club pays homage to all things sweet. From the joint's sugar cube-inspired candleholders to the three custom-made rock candy walls, you'll be glad the owners went with Sugar instead of the original name and concept, Butter. (The walls would have suffered, that's for sure.)

Other candy-like extravagances include three bars, an elevated, roped-off VIP level, a sound system that focuses volume on the dance floor (and off your conversation) and, in the back, a red brick "Smoking Room." (No actual puffing is allowed just yet, though you can eat all the Gobstoppers you want.) Further adding to the dilemma of both diabetics and married men: High-heeled waitresses in pink camisoles and black miniskirts will serve cocktails like the Grape Laffy Taffy and the Lemon Drop (made with an actual Lemon Drop).

Plus, coming next week, Sugar will install a Kyrogenifex system, which blankets the entire space in a dense and chilly fog that lowers the temperature a full ten degrees in seconds.

Because when you've got this much tasty excess, the last thing you want is overheating.


1716 N. Cahuenga Blvd
(between Hollywood and Yucca)
Hollywood, CA, 90028

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