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Daring Sushi in Midtown

Sometimes you have to be flexible to new ideas.

Take eating dinner off a plate. It's a fine habit, but then a restaurant comes along with a name like Cheetahs Tycoon Sushi Steakhouse, and you just know that your culinary world is about to change.

Soft-opening Wednesday in Midtown, Cheetahs lets you experience the ancient Japanese art of nyotaimori, or, "female body presentation." Without having to join the yakuza (the crime syndicate credited with inventing the practice), you can sample sushi and sashimi off a well-scrubbed, partially clad human platter in one of the restaurant's three private banquet rooms. And don't worry about the sushi's quality (because we know you were)the edibles in question will be prepared by former Blue Ribbon Sushi chef Shinsaku Yamakage. As for the beef, your best bet is the Cowboy Steak, a 22-oz bone-in ribeye that management says you can carve up anywhere: in the restaurant, at the 360-degree bar, on a woman (pre-cut) or in the strip club.

Oh, right, we forgot to mention that Cheetahs is also a gentleman's club. Exit the formal dining area, turn a corner and you're standing in a sizeable exotic dance hall, complete with two stages, a 30-foot champagne couch and 11 private booths, including four with leather couches and 42-inch flat screens.

But, we know, you're there for the sushi.


252 W. 43rd St
(between 7th and 8th Aves)
Midtown West
New York, NY, 10036

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