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Serious drinking and serious eating rarely come together in perfect harmony.
Per Se doesn't have a DJ booth and the Rose Bar doesn't have foie gras.
And you're probably fine with that.
But every now and again someone with a bold vision for a nightlife future comes along. And who are we to stand in their way…
Welcome Avenue, New York's much-buzzed first gastro-lounge, brought to you by the Marquee crew—opening one short week from this exact day.
Not that scene and food have never properly coexisted, but most of the time your ravenous hunger for a serious snack after three hours of electric dance moves and sparkling conversation with models requires you to leave the premises, thus opening your night up to all sorts of unknowns.
But when you walk into Avenue, just know that your craving for tuna tartare while listening to soul music will be sated. Sure, it's a lounge, but there's no thumping bass, the tables are high enough to actually eat on, and, most important, you feel like you're in someone's opulent, wood-paneled, carpeted living room (Barry Gibb would be right at home here).
It's the sort of tri-level space where snacking on Kobe Beef Sliders, Chicken Samboussas and Pretzel Dogs will probably lead to downing a few martinis, which will probably lead to a few more snacks—all of which are served in newfangled bento boxes.
Thus finally bringing the pretzel dog into the world of bento boxes.


116 10th Ave
(near 17th St)
New York, NY, 10011


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