Things to do for May 14, 2009

The Weekender

White People, Axes and Vintage Cameras

The weekend is boom boom pow.

SlingPlayer Mobile Comes to the iPhone

SlingPlayer Mobile Comes to the iPhone

Want to watch all those episodes of 30 Rock piling up on your DVR? At long last, there's an App for that. It costs 30 bucks—more than any other iPhone App—but we'll go ahead and say it's worth it to catch up on Liz, Jack and Co.

Best Made Axes

Best Made Axes

If you're looking to procure logs for your cookout the old-fashioned way, there's this new line of cool, customizable axes handmade in Maine. They're designed by Peter Buchanan-Smith—you might recognize his work from a Wilco album or two—and sold at Andy Spade's hip Partners & Spade shop. (Not in New York? They're also sold online.)

The Superheadz VistaQuest Camera

The Superheadz VistaQuest Camera

Now that Polaroid is no more, you need a new vintage film source to make last night's sleazy snaps look almost arty. (We said almost.) Introducing the VistaQuest, a digicam that re-creates the effect of taking a picture with an old Holga camera. Naturally, it's Japan-only, but the site below can hook a Yankee up.

This new Tumblr blog documents all the pesky little things that drive people—particularly well-off Caucasian people—crazy: ill-fitting Ray-Bans. Panera Bread's Asiago cheese fixation. The banter on Leonard Cohen live albums. Think of it as Stuff White People Don't Like.

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