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A Neighborhood Favorite Finds a New Neighborhood

The too-much-of-a-good-thing notion never seems to apply after dark.

So after the birth of a long-delayed new wine bar, we've got to fill you in on…the birth of a long-delayed new wine bar. Yes, BottleRock Downtown has arrived.

The key elements of the Culver City original are in place here—they'll open pretty much any bottle from the 1000-deep supply for a taste, whether it's a small-production Monthelie Burgundy or a 2001 Château Latour. News of the uncorking is displayed on digital screens throughout the bar, which might inspire your neighbor to order a glass. Pours come in two sizes—well, three if you count the bottle.

What's different is the look of this one—there's a lot of Downtown-y concrete, and if you're at a table you'll be surrounded by a bit more lime green than you're accustomed to (this side of I Love the '90s, at least). But on a stool at the bar facing the open kitchen, your eyes will be on the cheese, charcuterie, Bruleed Black Sea Bream and Pork Belly Risotto heading your way. (When lunch gets going shortly, expect Reubens and po'boys.)

And since this wine bar is also a shop, you can take home anything you like.

Unless the beauty nursing the cabernet plays hard to get.


BottleRock Downtown
1050 S. Flower St #167
(on 11th)
Los Angeles, CA, 90015

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