Talk Is Cheap

New Skype WiFi Phone

It was a wise man who said, "Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?"

It applies to all good things in life, like file sharing, women and cell phone minutes.

It's an irritating pain to watch yourself go over your minutes each month, locked into a contract you count down like a prison calendar, when you know that you could be talking for free on a service like Skype. Until now, though, using Skype's free internet phone service meant being hooked up to your PC.

That's why we were more than a little excited to see Netgear's new Skype phone, which lets you make Skype calls anywhere you can get a wi-fi signal. The sleek phone uses wireless internet (not cellular signals) to make its calls, so it works anywhere in the world where there's an open or public wi-fi signal (but not encrypted or paid wi-fi signals). This means portable Skype calls which are free to other users, and just two cents a minute to regular phone numbers in the U.S. (without any sign-up or monthly base charges).

Hopefully wi-fi hotspots will soon take over the world, but for now, you'll still have to keep your cell phone handy if you don't want to miss out on those late night business calls.

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