This Curated Trip Goes From Scotland to Sicily by Train

The Luxurious 16-Night itinerary Takes You to Eight of Europe's Best Cities

Image: Rocco Forte Hotels

European vacations give travelers countless options, whether it's deep-diving into one location or crossing borders for a multi-country cultural excursion.

And, unlike in the U.S., you can do much of your traveling by train.

Now, you could just close your eyes and throw darts at a map to hit your target cities.

But it's probably easier to book From Scotland to Sicily by Train, a new 16-night itinerary by Rocco Forte Hotels that takes you across Europe and into some of the portfolio's best hotels.

Rocco Forte Hotels
Rocco Forte Hotels

The trip covers eight cities across the U.K., Belgium, Germany and Italy, with stops in Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Florence, Rome and Palermo. You'll travel by first-class rail and stay for two nights in each city before hopping aboard the train and moving on.

The journey builds cultural excursions and local experiences into each city. For example, Rome might include an exclusive visit to the Vatican at dawn, so you can see the site without the crowds. You can stroll through street markets in Palermo to sample the freshest foods, take a private tour of Munich’s street art scene with a local artist, or cruise around London in a fleet of Mini-Coopers.

exploring street markets in palermo italy
Rocco Forte Hotels

When it's time to retire for the evening, you'll do so in top-notch hotels. Think the Balmoral in Edinburgh, with its famous spa and afternoon tea. There's also Brown's Hotel in London's posh Mayfair neighborhood, and Hotel de Rome in Berlin, which converted an old bank into a comfortable hotel complete with a swimming pool in the former bank vaults.

They've probably cleared out all the cash, but it can't hurt to poke around.

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