The Best Way to Visit the Hamptons This Summer

The Luxe Hamptons Streamliner Has Motion-Canceling Seats, Bagels and Tequila

Image: Blade

If riding the bus makes you think of middle school, or that one time you lost your phone, couldn't call a car, and had to take the bus across town for 32 stops, we hear you.

It's not usually the best way to travel.

But that's because most buses involve a stranger invading your personal space, rather than ultra-luxe seats, tequila and a trip to the Hamptons.

Blade, the company that also runs helicopter charters between NYC and the Hamptons, is launching the new Hamptons Streamliner bus service beginning Memorial Day weekend. It runs from Hudson Yards on the west side of Manhattan to Southampton, Bridgehampton and East Hampton, with plenty of drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi along the way.

woman sleeps on the blade hamptons streamliner

The bus prioritizes space and comfort, not packing people inside, so it's been outfitted with 19 first-class seats. Each seat features motion-canceling technology that supposedly eliminates 90% of the typical bumps and vibrations you feel during bus travel. The seats recline to 45 degrees and have power foot rests, so you can kick back and relax.

In-cabin attendants will provide hot towel service, food and drinks, plus pillows and cashmere blankets if you want to get some sleep. Each passenger also gets a wellness amenity kit by Dria.

woman eating breakfast on the blade hamptons streamliner

Lest you go hungry, morning trips include a light breakfast from Popup Bagels, while afternoon and evening trips feature a choice of Sweetgreen salads. Other snacks and light bites are available throughout the trip, and rosé, tequila and seltzers are there to make the ride more enjoyable.

The service will run from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, so you've got a few months to give it a try. It's not exactly the same as a quick hop via helicopter, but this is quite likely the best way to make the three-hour journey by road — especially if you plan to start the party early with bagels and wine.

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