The Prettiest Pop-a-Shot You've Ever Seen

Reigning Champ Just Gave the Classic Basketball Arcade Game a Serious Upgrade

Image: Reigning Champ

You’re an adult now, so you can’t just play fun arcade games like skee-ball and pop-a-shot all day like you did as a kid. 

Now you have to play beautiful designer versions that won’t be out of place at a cocktail party. 

Hey, that’s life. 

And this is the Home Court Arcade Basketball Game, an exceedingly attractive at-home basketball concept that belies its dry name. It comes from Reigning Champ — makers of extra-comfortable athleisure and training gear — and industrial designer Calen Knauf. Each is made to order and takes about 16 weeks, so it's not a today solution. But it is the most fun way to drop 50k on a living room diversion. 

home court basketball arcade game
Reigning Champ

The Home Court looks similar to the old pop-a-shot games from classic arcades, but wildly better. It's made from light woods, glass and metal. The two side-by-side rims are powder coated, with hand-knotted cotton and silk nets, and the lower tier holds 10 mini composite leather balls when not in use. A digital scoreboard keeps score as you play.

Reigning Champ basketball game
Reigning Champ

The glass backboards and wooden ball return replicate the sounds of playing on a classic hardwood court, but without all that pesky exercise. And because of the clean lines, glass side panels and floating design elements, this contraption will blend surprisingly well into your space while minimizing the visual footprint.

The best thing: you don’t need any coins to play it. 

The worst thing: it doesn't reward you with tickets to redeem for oversized stuffed animals when you win.

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