The World's First Smart AI Binoculars Are Here

Use Them to Identify More Than 9,000 Birds and Other Wildlife

Image: Swarovski Optik​

"Yep, that's a bird all right."
—You, viewing a bird through a regular set of binoculars.

"Hey, check out that rose-breasted grosbeak."
—You, viewing a bird through these new AI-supported binoculars.

Specifically the AX Visio binoculars from Swarovski Optik. They're the world's first smart, AI-supported binoculars, and you don't need to be a trained ornithologist to use them. 

This contraption was launched to mark the company's 75th anniversary. Which is awkward, because you didn't get them anything. They were created at the brand's Austria HQ in collaboration with designer Marc Newson, who's worked for big names like Ferrari, Apple and Louis Vuitton. And they'll become Available February 1 online and at select retailers.

AX Visio binoculars from Swarovski Optik
Swarovski Optik

The binoculars house intelligent technology, including an impressive object recognition system and an extra-fast neural processing unit, that combine to provide real-time identification of more than 9,000 birds and other wildlife. And they do it with a 1,000-yard field of view.

Once a bird — or other animal — is in your sights, press the button and it will analyze the image, quickly displaying text on the screen to identify the creature you're looking at.

Beyond just looked through lenses, you can use the integrated camera to capture photos and videos in 13MP and 1080p, respectively, with intense colors and definition. These can then be immediately managed and shared with a connected smartphone using the associated Swarovski Optik Outdoor App. There's even a function that allows you to mark what you saw with a little red arrow in the viewfinder, so you can find it again or show it to a friend.

You might not fancy yourself a birdwatcher, but about 46 million Americans enjoy the hobby. So you might as well get on board before all the good birds are taken.

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