This Aspen Hotel Just Opened a Ski-In, Ski-Out Spa

The Spa at Little Nell Has Everything You Need for a Day on the Mountain

By Kevin Gray ·
Image: The Little Nell

The conventional way to enter a spa is quietly, wearing a bathrobe and slippers.

But the new way to enter a spa is by first barreling down a mountain. Then shedding your clunky boots, your heavy coat, your helmet and goggles, and slipping into the steam shower before sliding onto the table for some deep-tissue work.

It's because The Little Nell, Aspen's iconic luxury resort, just opened its new ski-in, ski-out spa — the first such spa in the region.

The Spa at The Little Nell sports three treatment suites, each containing a private changing room with a steam shower. Two of the suites also have a hybrid infrared/halo-therapy sauna and resting area. And one has two treatment beds and a fireplace.

the little nell treatment room with two massage beds
the little nell / Shawn O'Connor

The spa is rooted in the "Aspen Idea," a holistic lifestyle philosophy that celebrates the life-affirming pleasure found in active pursuits, the feel-good effects of Mother Nature, and the integration of mind, body, and spirit. The spa menu reflects these ideals, offering services for performance enhancement and rejuvenation via three distinct therapeutic pathways: Recover + Repair, Replenish + Restore, and Reset + Rebalance. 

The treatments also take into account the high-altitude environment, with options to combat dehydration and dry skin. And you can choose treatments that prime your body for skiing, or treatments that will help you recover from a long day on the slopes.

the little nell spa infrared treatment room
the little nell / Shawn O'Connor

The Mountain Metamorphosis Ritual begins with an infrared sauna session to boost the respiratory system, followed by a therapeutic deep tissue massage. An LED red light is used for muscle recovery, and something called Nano Vi energized oxygen is supposed to promote repair at the cellular level.

The Reboot Body Experience features a trio of tech-focused modalities and enlists the buzzword "bio-hacking." Electrical muscle stimulation will ease pain, Air Jet boots will boost circulation through compression therapy, and supercharged oxygen inhalation will restore energy. 

That's just a small sample of what's in store, as the spa technicians and their gizmos will work to get your body right for the next day, addressing whatever it is that post-hot tub steaks and whiskeys can't cure.

Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray lives in Texas. He likes whiskey, weekends and hammocks, often at the same time.

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