Meet The World's First Temporary Tattoo Machine

Here's How (and Why on Earth) You'll Use It

By Hadley Tomicki ·

1775: James Watt invents the steam engine.

1903: The Wright Brothers fly the first airplane.

1969: Humans walk on the moon.

2023: The world’s first temporary tattoo machine is released.

Despite everything, at least humanity seems to have some priorities straight.

Meet Prinker, the most important innovation in the world of putting an ink-based design on your body that won’t stay there forever.

This handheld black device looks like an electric pencil sharper and is super easy to use. You’ll come up with a design using its app or pick one of the many thousands already on there. You'll send that from your phone to the machine, prep your skin with a primer, and brush it along the area you want the tattoo to appear. The cosmetic ink will linger for up to three days or you can take it off easily on your own.

Perhaps a better question in an age when everybody agrees that temporary tattoos are super lame: Why should it exist? 

We're thinking...

For Kids: Kids love temporary tattoos. If you have one, you probably also have a drawer filled with tiny squares of paper that transfer dolphins and trolls and rainbows and shit onto their skin. This would help eradicate those things from your life. The papers. Not the kids.

For Pretending You’re Cool: Say you’re going to see Taylor Swift or Radiohead or Cannibal Corpse or something. In a dark stadium, no one should be able to discern that your new finger heart/tribal armband/Satan tattoo isn’t real.

To Test Out New Tattoos: Because you actually have real tattoos. And want more. This machine allows you to try new designs and see if you want to live with them. If only they made that for husbands/wives, right ladies/fellas?

Corporate Branding: This could be a hit at your next launch party, uploading your logo then seeing it printed all over the epidermises of partygoers you’ve successfully influenced with an open bar.

Getting Jumped Into a Motorcycle Gang While Working Undercover

We think we adequately summed that one up.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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