This Desk Bike Charges Your Devices While You Work

Pedal and Make Your Own Power with the LifeSpan Ampera

Image: Ampera

Unless you're a personal trainer or professional athlete, working and working out are rarely the same thing.

In fact, the former is often the reason you're not doing the latter.

But the new Ampera desk bike from LifeSpan lets you do both at the same time, all while keeping your laptop charged.

Ampera is a stationary bike that pairs with a standing desk. So you can pedal while you work, getting some exercise without sacrificing productivity (hey, those emails won't delete themselves). It has already reached its funding goal on Kickstarter and is estimated to begin shipping next month.

The bike has an ergonomic seat that can be adjusted up or down via pneumatic lever. Once you're situated, start pedaling and the bike will harness that kinetic energy into usable power. Pedaling at 60 rpm, which is a pretty moderate pace, will produce about 65 watts per hour. That's enough power to charge your devices.

There's a USB-C port built into the base, plus a wireless charging pad just below the seat. So you can charge two gadgets at once. There's also an RGB ring light around the pedal housing, which can be customized via the app to display 12 color options, just in case you want to infuse your workday with a little flair. 

You can also use that app to monitor your calorie burn. The company says that an individual weighing 155 pounds and pedaling at an average speed of 12.5 mph could expect to burn roughly 500-600 calories per hour.

That should help to offset the meatball sub you just ordered for lunch.

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