You Can Buy This Scottish Island

It's a Lot More Affordable Than You'd Think

Image: Savills

Private islands are usually reserved for Bond villains and tech moguls.

If you're either one of the above, you can stop here, since you're probably reading this from your own island.

But for everyone else, there's an island for sale off the coast of Scotland that's spacious, surprisingly affordable and goddamn gorgeous.

It's called Inchlonaig, and while that might take some practice to say properly, it's a 182-acre island in the Loch Lomond, which is part of a national park and home to 22 islands and 27 islets. So you'll be in good company.

The island is mentioned in a 1541 charter, so it's been around a while. It was used as pasture land for cattle in the 1600s and held a deer park in the 1700s. Fallow and white deer can still be seen on the island.

cottage on Inchlonaig island

Today it features a two-bedroom cottage, plus three derelict bothies, aka small houses, that you can fix up or keep as-is for ambiance. There's a jetty for launching and landing boats. It also features an ancient woodland stocked with 800 yew trees, perfect if you want to craft a bow and play Robin Hood—or are craving venison for dinner.

Somehow, the island is listed at less than $1.2 million. That's nothing to sneeze at, but a 182-acre island has a lot more elbow room than tiny NYC condos going for the same price. Buy it for yourself or go in with some friends, and you can have a private getaway where the outside world can't find you. You could create a nature park, or invest in eco tourism to monetize your new land. You could even launch a music festival that fails before it starts.

So, lots of compelling options.

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