How to Make Perfect Coffee at Home

The Meticulous Espresso Machine Pairs Automation with Barista-Like Instincts

Image: Meticulous

The ways things are going with ChatGPT, it'll probably start making your coffee soon.

But until then, you'll still need the help of a barista. Or a robot. Or a helpful machine that's like both in one package.

Meticulous Espresso is the world’s first robotic lever espresso machine. It uses a powerful digital motor, barista-like instincts and high-precision sensors to automatically make great espresso with every pull.

Manual lever machines work great if you know what you're doing. But they're difficult to operate, and nailing the technique takes lots of experience. That's where this thing comes in, by reducing that margin for error so you can make perfect, replicable coffee every time.

meticulous espresso machine

This machine has 10 digital sensors that monitor every variable during extraction, including water temperature, pressure, flow rate and weight. The latter is achieved via high-pressure scale. Start the process by weighing your coffee grounds directly on the machine. Once it’s brewing, the scale works with the flow sensor, so it knows exactly how much water is going through the coffee and into the cup. Armed with that data, it can adjust the flow and stop the shot for exactly the right brew ratio, making adjustments on the fly, just like a skilled barista would. There's also an add-on steamer with built-in sensors that steam milk automatically, so you can get that perfect texture for all your latte art.

The touch interface allows users to choose from a list of classic espresso profiles, or download custom profiles from experts all over the world, so you can see what suits your taste. If you've gone extra deep down the rabbit hole, you can use the app to create your own pressure and flow curves and even write your own control algorithms for the perfect espresso shot. It'll remember every cup you make, so you can go back to old standbys, or keep tinkering until you find a new one. 

Once you hone your skills and create the perfect pour, you can elect to share it with the world via the app. Or keep it all to yourself. 

That recipe could be worth something one day.

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