This Smart Robot Will Do Your Chores

Yarbo Mows Lawns, Blows Leaves and Clears Snow

Image: Yarbo

Work smarter, not harder.

That old adage applies in countless ways, but it still means doing work.

And after a long week, the last thing you want to do on a Saturday or Sunday is mow the lawn or rake leaves.

So, we're subscribing to the idea that, if you enlist a smart robot to do your chores, you won't have to work at all.

Yarbo is "an intelligent yard robot" that was designed to handle all your yard care needs, from mowing the lawn to blowing leaves and clearing snow. Its Kickstarter was funded almost immediately (hey, people really hate chores), and if all goes well, the company hopes to start shipping out products next spring. You can reserve one now.

yarbo smart snow blower

Yarbo was built with a modular system that features a main body and various modules that can be added on for specific purposes. Right now, it's all about grass, leaves and snow, but it was designed so that additional modules can be added down the line for extra functionality.

The contraption has a lot of tech inside, including GPS, computer vision and magnetic field navigation, so it can stay on course and avoid obstacles, no matter the shape of your yard or driveway. And it does all that without the need for perimeter wires.

When it's done working, Yarbo will go back to its wireless docking station for a charge and a well-deserved rest.

You could try offering it a beer, but that might void the warranty.

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