This Electric Catamaran Is Also a Camper

Use It on Land. Use It at Sea. Confuse Your Friends.

Image: Caracat

The most difficult part about owning a multi-hyphenate vehicle is deciding how to describe it to curious onlookers.

For instance: is the Caracat a camper that floats? Or a catamaran you can take on the street?

We'll let you decide, but while you ponder one of life's great mysteries, know that the Caracat is a versatile option for the land or the water. It comes from a German company of the same name, and you can contact them via the website if you'd like one for yourself.

caracat on the water

This amphibious home/boat comes in three sizes. The largest stretches 28 feet long, with two sofa lounges, a sitting area, a bathroom, kitchen, closet and balcony, so there's plenty of room to move around. There's also heating and A/C and a built-in entertainment system.

caracat towed on a trailer

Set it free on a lake or the ocean to do some nautical exploring behind the 15-horsepower thruster motor, or stay on dry land and live comfortably as you travel the globe. Getting from one mode to the other is easy: External pontoons can expand or retract, depending on your whereabouts. In camper mode, it's only eight feet wide, but extend the adjustable pontoons for aquatic activities, and you'll sit at a buoyant 12 feet wide.

caracat interior

The Caracat sleeps four people on the two convertible sofa beds, but you can fit two more via an optional pop-up tent thata's mounted to the roof.

It's possible you never imagined getting a camper or buying a boat. We get it—that's an unreasonable purchase for many people. But this is both things in one. And somehow, that feels a lot more reasonable.

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