You Can Buy Nic Cage's Private Island

Leaf Cay Is 30 Acres of Paradise in the Bahamas

Image: Private Islands, Inc.

It should surprise no one that Nicolas Cage owns an island.

Maybe he needed somewhere to store the T-Rex skull he once bought.

But whatever the reason, he purchased Leaf Cay in the Bahamas in 2006. And now he's offloading the island to a lucky buyer. Or, if you and some friends want to pool your resources, several lucky buyers. (It's listed for a cool $7.5 million.)

Leaf Cay is part of the Exuma Cays string of islands in the Caribbean. It's located just south of Bock Cay, which is getting an exclusive retreat with homes and a golf course, so you will have some neighbors nearby. 

leaf cay bahamas island
Private Islands, Inc.

The island covers 30 acres, sports three sandy beaches, and has deep waters that are perfect for visiting yachts. There's even a small pond, in case you require one of those.

The island is undeveloped, so it needs some work to become livable. But according to the listing, an environmental impact statement was produced, and the island got approvals to construct a marina and five cottages. It seems like Cage had plans, and maybe you can pick up where he left off. 

Just think of all the fun you could have on this island. You could build a home and keep it as your private paradise. You could turn it into an eco reserve, lease the land to a hotelier, or start your own Jurassic Park.

Worst case scenario, you just hold some kind of major music festival, fail spectacularly, and hit the documentary circuit.

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