Cana One Is the "World’s First Molecular Beverage Printer"

This New Contraption Creates and Serves Thousands of Different Drinks, From Coffee to Cocktails

Image: Cana

When contemplating the future, it's pretty easy to picture yourself in a flying car or your brain connected to your devices via a neural network.

But certain sci-fi concepts, like food and drinks just materializing before your eyes, are much harder to imagine.

Until someone goes and does something like this.

Cana One is the "world's first molecular beverage printer," and it uses a high-tech machine to create drinks on demand. So, it's kind of like your very own soda fountain/bartender/corner store. You can reserve one for yourself right now for just $99, paying the remainder when the machine is ready to ship.

Most of your favorite drinks are comprised primarily of water, plus a little sugar, alcohol or other flavor compounds. Cana scientists figured out how to identify and isolate the molecules that drive flavor and aroma to create its massive library of drinks.

cana one molecular beverage printer
Cana One

The machine builds each beverage at the molecular level using hundreds of ingredients, all housed within an ingredients cartridge. And unlike pod-based systems that make a single drink per pod and generate lots of waste, Cana’s cartridge system can make thousands of drinks before being replaced (and recycled). The ingredients cartridge works with a separate sugar cartridge, spirits cartridge, water reservoir and carbonation cylinder to make the magic happen.

According to the company, Cana One can serve an infinite variety of drinks, including cold brew coffee, tea, soda, juice, hard seltzers and specialty cocktails. Apparently, this thing can even make wine, although it's hard to know if we're excited or scared of that fact. It can also update its beverage catalog with new brands from partners and creators around the world, so that tally should only increase.

Cana One machine
Cana One

The drinks catalog can be tweaked per your preference, and you can use the touchscreen to alter elements like sugar and alcohol content, caffeine level and flavor intensity.

It has an interesting pricing system. The cartridges, which last about a month, are free and automatically shipped to you when one is running low, so you never have to think about replacing them. Rather than paying per cartridge, similar to pod-based coffee machines, you pay per drink. For example, sparkling water is 29 cents, iced tea is 79 cents, and a cocktail costs $2.99. We can't yet promise they'll taste good, but that's a lot cheaper than what you'll find in bars, restaurants and stores. 

And those cocktails aren't restricted by venue operating hours.

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