The UrbanDaddy 2021 Style and Gear Holiday Gift Guide

19 Ideas For Sparking Seasonal Joy In the Ones You Love

By Hadley Tomicki ·

By now, you’ve gorged mightily on the Food and Drink holiday gift guide we dropped and may be asking yourself:

“That’s all well and good. But what if I seek to endow people with items that one can’t, and maybe even shouldn’t, put in their mouths?”

To which we answer, "We’ve got you right here, sweet reader, right here."

In the UrbanDaddy Holiday Gift Guide, a tribute to all things giftable, from astounding technology in home draft beer and spliff rolling, to insanely beautiful objects you can play with, get cozy in, and light things on fire with.

Come see what we've stocked on our sleigh…  

Socks for the holidays. What was a threat in childhood has blossomed into a welcome necessity as adults. And a pleasure for anyone who gets Stadium Goods’ rainbow of foot/ankle/shin defense known as the 12 Sock Box.  Each sock comes with a QR code for sneaker and clothes-pairing suggestions. In case pairing purple socks doesn't come naturally.

If you thought you had problems with people trying to steal your lighter before, just wait until the gang glimpses this Block Table Lighter from Seth Rogen’s HousePlant, sitting there all pretty like that.

When your gift requires a more personal touch than some random thing made in some factory and shipped by one very specific global behemoth of an online shopping conglomerate… give them a custom necklace that encodes their favorite song or album into a sound wave design that can be scanned to play on Spotify.

The corduroy-sheathed, organic cotton-lined CLAE porter may be the most comfortable shoe you can imagine that is still 100% fit to rock to a Michelin-starred dinner.

Choose wisely when giving the gift of this Canned Beer Draft System, which allows people to turn cans of beer into foam-topped draft beer. Just make sure it’s someone who has you over a lot.

If Christmas were a cozy, trail-ready, lined flannel with high-tech drying abilities, it might look a little something like this Mission Field Jacket from Bass Outdoor. Perhaps just with more tinsel.

That conflicted hipster you’re dating wasn’t easy to shop for. Until you found this Bluetooth Speaker Gramophone, which allows them to look all esoteric and old-timey, without having to sacrifice the easy instant gratification of a great playlist.

Loners and rebels need love, too. Which is why you’re thankful that Devil Dog Dungarees put together this tough gift pack with a leather wallet, FOB, and chain bundled together in a bandana. So they can hit the road and be like, “I’m outta here,” in that cool way they do.

Them: "If anybody even thinks of giving me a Peloton, I’ll punch 'em in the face."
You, 7 months later: "Look, I got you a  Liteboxer for the holidays, so you can have an at-home, interactive, full-body boxing workout."
Also You, under your breath: "…and work out some of those anger issues."

The best gifts are the ones they never knew they needed. Like a drinking jacket. This one is called "The Dubliner" drinking jacket." It's what happens when NYC streetwear stalwart B Wood takes 100 unlined Dickies work jackets and dedicates them to fans of Irish craft whisky The Dubliner, adding bold Dublin-inspired iconography throughout. And, of course, don't even think of giving a drinking jacket without something to drink.

Otterbox makes this durable wireless power bank that folds easily, allowing for the fast-charging of phones and devices when you’re on the move. Grab a handful and distribute freely. There’s conceivably no one left on earth who doesn't need one.

It’s the big morning. Presents are laying in wait. Candy cane and pine tree aromas waft in the air. It’s also really effing freezing. And there sits one happy giftee, incredibly stoked at your thoughtfulness at procuring them this handsome, warm puffer shirt jacket from Untuckit. You never fail.

Snow Peak hooked up with U.S. heritage brand Pendleton. Together they hatched these wool icon blankets inspired by the traditional Navajo “Mountain Majesty” pattern. And so it stands. Their shared mission of making your picnics more enviable has been accomplished.

Erem is a meticulously designed, bio-circular desert hiking boot from a fourth-generation Timberland shoemaker. They're built to take on the toughest environments and stand up comfortably to cactus spines, extreme temperatures, burning sands, and the inevitable disappointment they’ll face when that oasis turns out to just be another mirage.

If they’re always playing games, they'll doubtlessly flip for this transparent Lucite backgammon board from Tizo Designs in bright, distinctive color schemes. It's sure to compliment all their Barbarinos, close-outs, and other Backgammon terms we just looked up.

Meet OG OTTO, an AI-enabled device that mills, grinds, and rolls your kindest flowers into perfect joints. And, as you can see from the picture, looks good at the bar, too.

Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon Evo-lution is a superior turntable in splendid colors from a legendary name in audio. We could get into the superiority of its phono cartridge, motor shielding, electronic speed changer, and adjustable TPE-damped isolation feet. But honestly, have no clue what any of that means.

This is one incredibly good-looking, red Italian leather backpack from Ollivette. And it possesses a supernatural ability to make someone in your life quite joyful over the holidays.

Vertagear’s Racing Series PL6000 chair dunks on all other work-from-home seating arrangements. It is designed using ultra-premium materials with a ridiculous range of personal adjustability and 4-D armrests for posture perfect ergonomics. And its wheels are inspired by luxury racing. It’s like having all the comfort of an Italian race car. With none of the dangers of going places.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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