Denizen Archetype Is a 3D-Printed Smart Pod That Lets You Work From Anywhere

Set Up Your New Office in the Woods, at the Beach or in Your Backyard


If you're one of the millions of people working from home these days, good for you. We hope you're cozy in your sweatpants and slipping a little whiskey into your coffee mug for late-afternoon meetings.

But if your WFH situation is really just a couch or kitchen table, it may be time for an upgrade.

A dedicated desk is one way to go.

But a 3D-printed office with floor-to-ceiling windows that can be dropped anywhere you want to work, from your backyard to a remote patch of scenic forest, is another, better way to go.

The Denizen Archetype is a new "smart pod" that lets you set up an office anywhere in the world. The California-based company has options for solo employees and small businesses, so everyone can work comfortably.

Denizen Archetype office pod

The 90-square-foot space is made from recycled materials and includes a desk, reading nook, whiteboard wall and mini fridge. It's wired for electricity and WiFi, and there's even an air filtration system and built-in HVAC. There's also a 27-inch 4K display and a 4K webcam, perfect for all those video meetings. 

Denizen Archetype smart pod

The tall ceilings keep things airy, while the huge windows look out onto the world around you, so it's like the opposite of a sad cubicle. But if you require a little "you" time, the glass windows turn opaque at the touch of a button, transforming your office pod into a nap pod.

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