The GoSun Chillest Keeps Drinks Cold, No Ice Required

It's the Solar-Powered Cooler Your Summer Needs

Image: GoSun

Coolers are as much a part of summer as swimsuits and sunshine.

But coolers have a dirty little secret that no one likes to talk about: They don't actually hold much inside, because the necessary ice takes up so much space.

It's a problem, we know.

Someone else knows this, too. Because the GoSun Chillest is a new cooler that removes ice from the equation entirely. Yes, it still keeps your food and drinks ice-cold, all thanks to a celestial body known as "the sun." 

The new cooler has a 45-liter capacity, which seems even larger considering it won't be stuffed with ice. It comes with a 20-watt solar panel that attaches directly to the cooler. The panel soaks in the sun's rays and distributes the power to the cooler, keeping your food and drinks chilly and dry. That panel doubles as a table for prepping and serving food, holding your drinks or playing games.

The cooler also has a built-in battery and plugs into an outlet for multiple charging options. The compressor lets you set the temperature right where you want it, from a very cold -4°F to a less cold 68°F. And the dual cooling zones mean you can make one side a fridge and the other a freezer—perfect when your day requires both beer and ice cream. 

All-terrain wheels help you maneuver over uneven ground, and this thing also includes helpful extras like inside lighting, tie down straps and internal baskets to organize your supplies. Not using the solar table? Its mount can also hold an umbrella whenever you need some shade. So, there's a lot going on here.

You can reserve your cooler on Indiegogo (the campaign has already been funded), and it's estimated to begin shipping in July. 

Aka prime cooler season.

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