Make Fresh Cold Brew at Home in 60 Seconds

Put Osma on Your Counter for a Steady Stream of Good, Fast Coffee

Image: Osma

Summer is coming and coffee is good.

These are two facts.

Here's another one: During the hottest months, you don't always want to blow on a scalding hot drink. 

That's where cold brew comes into play. 

But the average cold brew process takes about 18 hours, and that feels excessive.

Osma has been developing a solution to that problem for the past couple years, and they recently unveiled what they've been working on. It's the Osma Pro, a countertop coffee maker that produces barista-level cold brew quickly and efficiently. 

The small Oregon-based company applied science and some innovative tech to address the issue of making cold brew in the amount of time it typically takes to make hot coffee. The beans are subjected to a process that includes words like "microcavitation," but all you have to know is that the machine extracts maximum flavor in minimal time. 

You start by grinding and then adding your favorite coffee to the portafilter. Position a cup of icy water under the intake straw, and an internal pump will suck the water from the cup and force it through the coffee. That's where it will pick up the first flavor and aroma compounds before falling back into the cup. The cycle continues, creating a looped, recirculating brew process.

The method cold-extracts the widest range of flavor and aroma compounds from the coffee beans, yielding a rich, complex cup with espresso-like crema and mouthfeel. Basically, it does in one minute what traditional cold brew takes a full day to achieve. Which means you can press a button, tie your shoes and grab your coffee as you head out the door. 

Or press a button, put on your slippers and drink your coffee on the couch.

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