Look at You, Dry-Aging Your Own Meat at Home

Attain Unrivaled Steakhouse Flavor Right in Your Kitchen with the Dry Ager


You're probably aware, but there are a few meat-eating occasions on the horizon.

We speak of Thanksgiving. We speak of Christmas and Hanukkah. We speak of Festivus.  

And now, we'll speak of Dry Ager, a restaurant-quality apparatus that dry-ages meat, with the small advantage of doing it at your place.

Forget a Furby. Forget Tickle Me Elmo. This has to be the gift of the century. A stainless steel box with insane amounts of technology safely providing the ideal humidity, temperature, and cleanliness to dry-age meat. All so your beef tastes as tender and complex as it does in your favorite steakhouse.

You've got two options: The UX 500 holds up to 44 pounds of meat, and the UX 1000 holds up to 220 pounds of meat. Which, we can all agree, is a totally normal amount of meat to store in your home.

It will only take you about four to five weeks to get that dry aged flavor you savor. At which point, you’ll break open an ancient Bordeaux you’ve been saving and dig in. Of course, you can always test its limits and keep a few cuts inside for extended aging. You do still believe in experimentation.

Which is perfect. Because it’s not only beef you’re sticking inside. You can also dry-age lamb, fish, cheese, elk, pork and whatever else you like. Not only that, this is your ticket to making your own charcuterie, salami and ham.

Typically, salad refuses to cooperate.

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