A New Collection of Hemingway-Inspired Fishing Gear

Channel the Legendary Author With These Rods, Reels and Even a Boat

Photo: Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection

Ernest Hemingway liked to fish.

He regularly engaged in big-game fishing off the coast of Florida, and he wrote an entire book about trying to catch one particularly difficult marlin.

So, if you're going to start a saltwater fishing equipment business, you could do a lot worse than basing the products on the legendary author. 

The Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection is a new outfit started by the man's great-grandson, Patrick Hemingway Adams. The website is live, with most products available to preorder now.

Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection fishing reel
Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection

Everything within is functional for saltwater fishing. But everything is also damn handsome. So, it's the type of equipment you might use when you're chasing some blue fin tuna, but it would also look nice mounted on your wall.

The collection features intricately designed bamboo rods and handmade reels, plus accessories like a gorgeous wooden fly box and a heavy-duty cooler for storing all your fish. Or beer. 

Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection fishing boat
Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection

There are shirts and hats for looking the part, a stand-up paddleboard for skimming along the water, and even a boat. Yes, you can buy a boat. It's inspired by Hemingway's taste in marine vessels, and it's perfect for running contraband between Cuba and Florida. 

We mean for quiet fishing trips.

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