A Restaurant-Quality Oven That Sits on Your Counter

Anova Harnesses the Power of Steam to Help You Cook Like a Pro

Image: Anova

Chefs make better food than not-chefs.

That's just the way of the world.

But chefs also have access to top-of-the-line equipment, unlimited spice racks and, you know, skills.

You can make up for that first one (and last one) by securing the Anova Precision Oven. It's a combination convection/steam oven, or "combi" oven, that uses convection, steam and the combination of the two to cook better, more consistent food, faster. It's available now.

Professional combi ovens are huge and cost way more than you want to spend on an oven—like, many thousands of dollars more. This thing, however, fits on your counter, costs a reasonable $600 and will instantly turn you into a better cook.

anova precision oven

Typical ovens are convection-only, which means they're limited to cooking with hot air. Naturally, things get dry. The Anova oven includes a water tank that lets you pipe in continuous steam to control the cooking temperature and humidity to keep your food moist. 

Because steam is such a great heat conductor, you'll be able to cook your food at lower temperatures and get more consistent results. No more dry Thanksgiving turkeys. No more overly-roasted vegetables. No more baked goods that stubbornly refuse to rise.

Obviously, this is WiFi-connected and there's a corresponding app, because there's always a corresponding app. That's how you'll set the temperature remotely and monitor your dinner's progress from the couch. 

It's either that or hiring a sous chef.

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