This Mirror Has a Personal Trainer Inside

Carbon Trainer Automatically Tracks Your Reps and Form


Working out at home has involved a lot of pushups and jogging and riding bikes that don't actually go anywhere.

Maybe you've even tried one of those mirrors, in which a coach that you can see but not touch gives you commands.

Well, there's a new mirror in town—and this one's sporting some fancy AI. (The benevolent kind.)

Carbon Trainer is a smart, interactive display that hangs on your wall and automatically tracks your reps, weights and form to give you a great workout. It's available for pre-order now on Indiegogo.

carbon traineir

Carbon can accommodate a range of workouts, from strength-training and HIIT to conditioning and mobility. The 43-inch 4K LCD touch screen uses AI-powered 3D motion capture technology to keep its eye on you. That's what allows it to count your reps, provide feedback on your technique and gauge whether you can push harder or need a rest.

It even integrates with your own equipment, from kettlebells to barbells. Optional weight sensors attach to your gear to unlock more tracking data, like current load, total weight lifted and your explosiveness, giving you more insight into your progress.

carbon trainer mirror

Once you've got the device, you can build your own custom workouts or choose from live and on-demand classes. When you're done, it goes back to being a normal, functioning mirror. Perfect for admiring your new muscles. 

Or checking that no one's lurking behind you.

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