An Underwater Sea Scooter for Exploring the Ocean

It's Small, Portable and Does All the Work for You

Image: GeneInno

If this summer brings you to a beach, you'll probably want to get into the water.

Then again, the annual Shark Week TV extravaganza starts soon, so maybe you won't.

But should you care to snorkel or scuba dive and don't mind brushing up against the occasional apex predator, here's something to help you navigate the currents.

Geneinno S2 is a portable, hand-held sea scooter that propels you through the water, so you can explore your surroundings without the need for any pesky swimming.

Geneinno S2 sea scooter

The device is compact and weighs less than six pounds, which means you can throw it in your backpack the next time you head to the beach. Its internal motor will help you reach speeds up to a comfortable 2.7 mph. The corresponding app will monitor your speed, depth and distance during every use. And the battery, which you can recharge in a quick 1.5 hours, will keep you going for about 45 minutes.

If you just want to skim around the surface, you can pop on a snorkel mask or some goggles and enjoy yourself. But this thing's rated to a maximum depth of 98 feet, so if you're feeling adventurous, you can enlist an oxygen tank and see what lurks below, like sea creatures, coral reefs and maybe some sunken treasure. You can even mount a GoPro on the front to record your escapades, or add a light to help you see what's in front of you.

Like a shark.

Or something else you can't outswim.

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